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   So, how did you get on?

           Harder than you thought?       Easy?

                   Did you have to ask your children for help?

However difficult you found the papers, you now have a much better idea of what you are asking your child to do and maybe what you need to learn also.

Don't be surprised if you couldn't complete them - especially within the time constraints. It's probably been a little while since you were at school and I'm guessing that you've never seen anything like that NVR paper!


Remember - there are other parents out there in the same position - probably from the same school as your child. Find out which of your child's friends is also going for the 11 Plus and get in touch with their parents to share ideas and resources.


Which topic do I start with?

Well, it all depends on how much time you have until the 11 Plus exam dates. Ideally, I like to split my sessions into two.

First part maths - Key Stage 2 Maths Objectives - work through the objectives in a logical order, checking understanding as we go and be prepared to stop and go right back to basics if needed.

Second part, either Verbal or Non Verbal Reasoning - I work on one type at a time and again ensure complete understanding before moving on. Be prepared for one type to take 10 minutes or 4 or 5 sessions - it all depends on the individual.

I have found that children will work for hours quite happily on question types that they know and like. Your task is to figure out the types that they don't like and work on them.

Where do you fit in the English?

Where I live, in Kent, the English paper is looked at only after the other papers have been considered in cases of borderline results or appeals. So the English paper is vital and can make the difference in getting a place or not. I have found that English (or Literacy) is well covered in primary schools, although you do need to check understanding and develop vocabulary. It doesn't fit well with the other topics - so I would recommend separate sessions devoted to English.

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