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Type N - Word Codes

With this type of question you are given four words and three codes. The words and codes are not in any particular order. Each of the codes matches one of the words - One word has no code.

You are required to either find a code for a given word or to find a word from a given code.

The codes are made up of numbers from 1 to 9 and each number is assigned to a letter. The number/letter allocation is totally random and does not link with the alphabet.

Lets look at an example:


2741    1462    1851

Begin by looking at the position of the numbers in the codes and see if there are any clues to help you. If there are any double letters in a word then look for double numbers in a code. If there are two identical numbers in a code group, look to see if there are identical letters in a word group in the same positions.

1851     TEST

In this case the '1' appears in position 1 and 4, as does the letter 'T'. So the number 1 represents the letter T. Now we have matched a code to a word, we also know that 8 is E and 5 is S.

1___     ___1     __51     1851

14__     __41     __51     1851

1462      2741      2_51     1851

1462      2741      2351      1851

Look for these letters in other words and write them underneath.

Look again at the position of the remaining numbers. The number '4' is in position 2 of one code and position 3 of the other. Looking at the words, the letter 'R' is in position 2 of one word and position 3 of the other. So '4' could represent 'R'. Write them underneath.

You can now complete the remaining codes, because you know that the code beginning with 14 relates to TRIP and the code ending 41 relates to PORT. Write them underneath.

We are now only left with 'A'. As all the other numbers are used - only '3' remains - so we can assume that '3' represents 'A'.

Now we know the letter that each number represents, we can answer any further questions.

What is the code for PAST? ..... 2351

What does 524618 mean? ..... SPRITE

What is the code for PEARS? ..... 28345


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