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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Type F - Find the Missing Word

With this type of question you are given a sentence in which one word is written in capitals. This word has three consecutive letters removed. These three letters form a separate three letter word. This word, when inserted into the capitalised word in the sentence (without changing the order of the letters) will form a correctly spelled word.

Firstly, read the sentence to get an idea of the context of the sentence. This should give you a clue as to the meaning of the capitalised word. Some children find that covering the capitalised word with their fingers helps to understand the context of the missing word. Once you have the context, think of different words with the same meaning and see if they match the letters of the capitalised word.

In the exam, the answer sheet is multiple choice so it will just be a case of trying all the possible answers to see which one of the words fits.

Lets look at an example:

Organic CARS are full of vitamins

The sentence is about something that is organic and also full of vitamins, which implies the word is a type of food and probably a vegetable. Think of a vegetable that contains the letters C, A, R and S. - Peas? Potatoes? Cabbages? Broccoli? Carrots?

CARROTS - has the letters C, A, R and S and has a three letter word ROT.

Organic CARROTS are full of vitamins

Verbal Reasoning Type F - 'Find the Missing Word' practice

Verbal Reasoning Type F

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Verbal Reasoning Type F worksheet


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