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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Type B - Find the odd words

With this type of question you are given five words. Three of these words are related to each other in some way. You are required to find two words that are NOT related. You need to identify the two words that are different from the others.

First look at all five words and try to see a common relationship between three of them. It could be something like the fact that three words are land animals and the other two are fish or three are colours and the other two are smells.

Lets look at an example:

Pig  Eel  Cow  Horse  Goldfish

In this case Pig, Cow and Horse are all animals that live on the land - these three are related. The other two, Eel and Goldfish are fish, so these are the odd words out.

Verbal Reasoning Type B - 'Find the odd words' practice

Find the odd words

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Verbal Reasoning Type B worksheet

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