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Type A - Insert a Letter

With this type of question you are given two sets of two words. The last letter of the first word and the first letter of the second word in each set are left blank. You are required to find the one letter that completes the first word and begins the second word of both sets.

First look at the first word of the first set and think of words that could be made up using the partial words that you are given. Try the last letters of these words with the second set of words to see if they correctly form new words. In the exam, the answer sheet is multiple choice so it will just be a case of trying all the possible answers to see which one works.

Lets look at an example:

BA(_)ON         CU(_)EN

In this case the words are all three letters. The same letter needs to complete four words:

BA_, _ON, CU_ and _EN

The letter 'T' will complete all four words:


BA(T)ON         CU(T)EN

Verbal Reasoning Type A - 'Insert a Letter' practice

Verbal Reasoning Type A practise

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Verbal Reasoning Type A worksheet

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