11 Plus Spatial Reasoning

3D Shapes - Building Blocks

With this type of question you are given a 3D shape on the left which is constructed
from several different sized blocks.

You are also given four options (labelled 'a' to 'd) containing sets of blocks that
could be assembled to form various 3D shapes.

You are required to select the option that contains the blocks that could be
put together to form the target image on the left.

Let's look at an example.


Begin by looking carefully at the 3D shape on the left and work out how it is constructed.

You should see:

1 long block (equivalent to 3 cubes

1 medium block (equivalent to 2 cubes)

2 small blocks  

That is a total of 4 blocks - Option 'c' has 5 blocks - it must be 'a', 'b' or 'd'.

Option 'a' has 2 small and 2 medium (2cube) blocks - not that one.

Option 'd' has only 1 small block and 2 medium blocks - not that one.

Option 'b' has the correct number and type of blocks.

Be aware that part of the shape may not be fully visible.

The target 3D shape in the centre could be made up of 2, 3 or 4 blocks!

Practice working with Spatial Reasoning with this 
3D Shapes - Building Blocks worksheet

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