Shape and Space - 3D Shapes - Nets

A Net is a 2D representation of a 3D shape that can be folded to form the 3D shape that it represents. A net of a shape is what it would look like if that shape was opened out flat.

Nets are important in 11 Plus Maths and also occur regularly in Non-Verbal Reasoning, so it is essential that your child understands what they are, can visualise shapes made from nets and can draw nets of common 3D shapes.

The easiest net to start with is that of cube, because all the faces are same.

Data    Data    Data    Data

These four nets can all be folded to make a cube - there are seven more nets that can make up a cube - can your child find them all?

The best way to understand nets is to make them, so I have provided
a sheet of all the nets that make up a cube for you to
print, cut out and make. Nets of a Cube

Can you identify what shape these nets make?










Print, cut and make these shapes
to see if your correct.

Nets of 3D Shapes

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