Line Symmetry

A shape is said to have Line Symmetry (often called Reflection Symmetry or Mirror Symmetry) when it can folded in half so that both halves match. If a mirror is placed along the line of the fold (called the 'line of symmetry' or 'mirror line') then the shape will look the same as without the mirror.

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If a shape can be divided into identical mirror images by a line of symmetry it is said to be symmetrical. Lines of symmetry can be any direction and shapes can have more than one .

Examples of lines of symmetry.


Two lines of symmetry


Four lines of symmetry


No lines of symmetry


One line of symmetry


Three lines of symmetry


Six lines of symmetry


With a circle, any line that goes through the centre is a line of symmetry!

Therefore this shape has an infinite number of lines of symmetry.

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